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Views from Hussar Saddlery
3eme d'Infanterie de Ligne
Waist Belt, Axe Carrier and
Bonnet, Apron, Gauntlets,
Brass Work by Hussar
French Napoleonic Sailor
of the Guard
Cartouche Box and
Belting, Sword Belt and
Sword Slings, Epaulettes  
and Brass Work by
Hussar Saddlery
Photos courtesy of Rick
Wright - Virginia, USA
Photos courtesy of Victor Eiser - Quebec, Canada
Hussar Saddlery at Brigade Napoleon Grande Tactique, July 2012
French Napoleonic Grenadier a
Cheval of the Guard.  Bonnet,
Gauntlets, Cartouche Box and
Banderole, Sword Knot and Waist
Belt by Hussar Saddlery
Photos courtesy of Mike
Graham - New South Wales,
Set of 6 British Tarletons for an English
Cavalry Unit
The Tune "The Parting
Glass" courtesy of
Contempator.com,  Midi file
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Recent Helmets, Shakos and
Bonnets from Hussar Saddlery
853  Brunstetter Road
Warren, OH 44481
Completed leather work for
display in reconstructed tack
room in Jefferson's Monticello.
French Napoleonic Old
Guard Infantry Standard
with Gold Embroidery on
Velvet and Gold Gilt
Collection French Napoleonic
Sapeur's Apron, Gauntlets and
About us
About us
About us