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Valises and Portmanteaus
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18th Century Horseman's Valise
with Cantle Straps Stitched Fine (10 to the inch)
18th Century Oval Valise
Stitched Common (6 to the inch)

Same Valise in black stitched fine (10 to the inch)
1850s Round Valise with
Pillow Ticking Lining
Fine Stitched (10 to the
French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Portmanteau
French Heavy Cavalry Double Straps
for Securing Cloak and Portmanteau
British Napoleonic
Light Cavalry Valise
with Cloak Straps
and Water Deck
The Tune "Will Ye No
Come Home Again"
courtesy of
Contempator.com,  Midi file
creator Barry Taylor
French Napoleonic Grenadier a Cheval of the Guard
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18th Century Gentleman's Valises
in brown or black leather
(special leather purchase)
In Stock Item
Approximately 9" x 15"
Approximately 6" x 19"
Large 18th/19th Century Round Valise, Pillow Ticking Lined
25" x 10"
Water Buffalo Leather
18th Century Gentleman's Valise with   
Handles and Carrying Strap