How To Place An Order
Step 1
Contact Hussar Saddlery with your project requirements using email (
link at the bottom of any page, or by phone.

Step 2
Give me as much information as you have on the details of your item/items. The less research
and pattern development I need to do the less it costs you. Detailed photos, measurements,
drawings, etc. all make my work easier and gets you the exact duplicate of the piece you are
looking for.

Step 3
I will give you a cost quote on the item/items from the information provided. You will also be
given an approximate time to construct and an approximate delivery time according to the
present work load at Hussar Saddlery. Our normal backlog is 6-8 weeks.  Depending on how
complicated your project is, it may take several weeks to complete.  Delivery time, especially
world wide, can also slow the process of you receiving your item.  Please plan accordingly.  

Step 4
You commission the work. Send one half the quoted price as down payment to get your
project on the "to do" list. Orders with a total cost of $100 or less may be required to be paid
in full when ordering.  All work is done in order received by date of payment. Sometimes
orders can be done out of sequence on the list.  If you have a specific "Must Have By" date
you need to give Hussar Saddlery that information when you order.  You may pay through any
of the options listed below in Payment methods. Make sure I have the correct address for
shipping when the item/items are done, especially if different from your postal address.

Step 5  
When the work is completed I pack the finished goods and take it for accurate cost on
shipping. Orders are shipped by the most cost effective means.  All work is shipped delivery
confirmed within the U.S.  If you wish additional shipping services, (FedEx, UPS, etc) please
notify me when ordering.

All International orders will be shipped via USPS International Priority Mail which tracks to the
address. You may request UPS or Fed Ex International delivery.  Shipping costs by this
method can be extremely high.

International buyers assume the additional shipping costs of registered mail.

Step 6
I email you the final cost. This is the second half of the payment plus shipping and
handling and Paypal charges if you are using this service.   

Step 7
On receipt of the final payment I ship your goods. International orders customs charges are
the responsibility of the buyer. Any custom delays are not the responsibility of Hussar Saddlery.

Methods of Payment
Hussar Saddlery accepts payment by US Postal Money orders, International  Money Orders
(in US funds only made out to Hussar Saddlery), cashier's check and via the Internet through
PayPal. We do not accept personal checks or credit cards.

To pay with PayPal:
Access your PayPal account.  Click on the "Send Money Link" and then on the "Pay for Goods
or Services" link.  In the "Email or Mobile Box" enter my PayPal email account address -  
Please do not use  This email is just for
written communication.

PayPal charges are the responsibility of the buyer and are included in the final price quote by
Hussar Saddlery. Items are shipped only after PayPal funds have been transferred to Hussar
Saddlery's account, PayPal address-
About us
About us
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