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Hussar Saddlery has a variety of items that are in stock.

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In Stock
The items below are special projects which have been completed and are available
for sale.  This page will be updated as new instock items are created.  So please
check back to see what we have available.
Steel British Light Cavalry stirrups
with picked treads.  Stirrup leather
eyes are 1 1/4".
The Tune "The Lakes of
Pontchartrain" courtesy
Contempator.com,  Midi
French Napoleonic Light Cavalry Saddle.  
Sanded, linseed oil finished and iron work installed
British Napoleonic Heavy
Cavalry Stirrups
French Napoleonic Heavy
Cavalry Stirrups
Hand forged iron French
Napoleonic Light Cavalry Stirrups
Hand Forged 18th Century
Swivel Stirrups
Hoof Pick
Hoof Pick
T Handled
Main Spring
Frizzen Spring Tool
Four Tool Musket Kit
In Stock  
Knife, Fork and
Spoon Sets
18th Century Wallet
and Note Pad
19th Century Wallets
Cell Phone 330-360-8640
Email us at:
18th Century Gentleman's Valises
American Revolutionary War
Cheesebox Canteen with Cloth
Jute Hay Nets
853  Brunstetter Road
Warren, OH 44481
American Revolutionary War
Continental Folded Leather Sword Knot
(reproduced from original)
18th /19th Century Hand
Forged Solid Tread Stirrups
26 Sq. Ft.
White Buff Hide
50 Sq. Ft.
Hair-on Cow Hide
(Folded in Quarters)
8 Sq. Ft.
Bear Hide
Cotton and Linen Webbing
Center Bar Buckles
Brass and Steel
Heel Bar Buckles
Brass and Steel
Specialty Buckles, Tips and Keepers in Brass
O rings, D rings and Squares
in Brass and Steel
Sword Hooks, Hearts, Studs and Buttons
in Brass
Brass and Brass Plated Chain
Various widths, colors and
weights (thickness) of leather
Hides and Straps
Waist Belt Holster
French Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry Surcingle
Cotton Webbing with Buff and Black
Bavarian Hussar Sword Knot
British Sword Knot
Austrian Sword Knot
Two styles of French Light
Cavalry Sword Knots
Common Use Items
Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry
Gauntlets with Button Closure
Doe Skin Gauntlets with
Button Closure
2 and 4 cord brass
tinder tubes
Flint and Steel Wallets with
Forged Striker and Premium Flint
Tab or Tie Closure
Neck Flint and Steel Sets
Premium Flint included in pouch
Rifle or Musket Flint Wallets
Tie or Tab Closure
Flints Not Included
Hand Forged
Striker and
Premium Flints
Hand Forged
Drive Hooks
Leather Goods
British Napoleonic Baker Rifle
Lock Cover and Tompion
Medium and Large
Tomahawk Carriers,
Brown, Black or Natural
Spanish mid 18th Century Cartouche Box with
adjustable Sling and Royal Coat of Arms
Small, Medium and Large
Hand Forged Tomahawks
Main Spring
Vise 2
Blanket Straps for bed rolls.
These can be done in black, brown
or natural leather with brass or steel
Leather pouch
Leather stock with ties
18th Century Pipe
Frizzen Hammerstall with
Leather Thong
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