Full Hides and Straps
26 Sq. Ft.
White Buff Hide
50 Sq. Ft.
Hair-on Cow Hide
(Folded in Quarters)
8 Sq. Ft.
Bear Hide
Various widths, colors and
weights (thickness) of leather
Cotton and Linen Webbing
Hussar Saddlery has available full hides of various weights and
colors of leather, including buff, brown, black and natural.  We
also have garment weight hides in a variety of colors and
natural.  All full hides are sold by the total square footage.  

We also have hair-on hides for use in trim, bonnets and other
period projects.  This includes fox, bear, beaver, sheep, cow and
leopard printed rabbit.  Please inquire if you have specific fur
requirements. All hair-on hides are priced either by the square
foot or per hide.

Straps can be cut to order according to the specific width you
need.  I cut all straps the full length of the hide.  (Between 70"
and 100" in length depending on the size of the hide.)  Straps
are priced based on length, width and weight (thickness).

Cotton and linen webbing are priced per linear foot.
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