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Cartouche Boxes and Cross Belts
Bavarian Napoleonic Hussar Cartouche Box and Details
French Napoleonic Infantry Cartouche Box and Details
About us
About us
The Tune "Johnny is  Gone
for a Soldier" courtesy of
creator  Lesley Nelson-Burns
French Napoleonic Sailor of the Guard Giberne,
Banderole and Interior Details
French Napoleonic Chasseur of the Guard
Officer's Giberne, Banderole and cover
British Napoleonic
Cartouche Box and
Powder Horn with
Measuring Spout
Continental Light Dragoon Cartridge Box with Belt
French Napoleonic Cuirassier's Trooper's Giberne and Banderole- 1st Model
1st Austrailian Horse Officer's Cartouche Box and Banderole
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Spanish Soldier's Cartouche Box,
Louisiana Regt. 1790
Special Project - Victorian Era
Canadian Military Academy
Cadet and Cadet Officer Cartouche and Belt
French Napoleonic Line Infantry
Cartouche and Cross Belt with Bayonet Frog
Attached (Bayonet and Scabbard not included)
1880's British Light Cavalry
French Napoleonic  Grenadier
a Cheval of the Guard Giberne
and Banderole
Spanish Napoleonic Cartouche
Box and Cross Belt
Spanish Officer's Cartouche Box,
Louisiana Regt. 1790
Blue Leather, Silver Trim, Spanish
Coat of Arms
Spanish Napoleonic Bayonet Frog
and Cross Belt
British Napoleonic
Bayonet Cross
Belt and Frog
British Napoleonic
Engraved Cross Belt
Plate (Only some
regiments available)
British 36 round reversible cartridge box
Spanish mid 18th Century Cartouche Box with
adjustable Sling and Royal Coat of Arms
Revolutionary War
Sword Cross Belt in
Buff Leather with
Double Lobe Frog
French and Indian War
French Marine Belly Box
with Anchor and Trim in
Buff Leather
Late 18th Century
French Officer's Giberne
and Banderole
1840's 20 Round
Japanese Cartridge Box,
Cross Belt and Cap Box
18th Century Trooper's Sword Cross Belt with
Buckle and Frog
British Napolenic Royal
Navy Sword Baldric with
Fouled Anchor Plate
1790's British Infantry Cartouche Box with 18 Round Tin